Effective Friday March 15, 2024 ALL Weight Restrictions will be lifted.

The best way to get updates on changes to weight restrictions in your county of interest is to download the County Road Association Seasonal Weight Restriction App by clicking here.

In this app you can see current restrictions across the state and sign up for notifications when a county changes its status.  You can sign up for notifications of changes by clicking here.

 Seasonal Load and Speed Limits for Commercial Motor Carriers

The Antrim County Road Commission uses the Federal Highway Administration’s Guidelines for Spring Highway Use Restrictions to help predict the spring weight restriction period.  The formula used depends on accurate air temperature forecasts so some judgement of its use is required.  Please check this website often for updates on spring weight restrictions.

Seasonal weight and speed reductions may be enforced during the spring of each year on county roads. Maximum axle loads shall be reduced by 35 percent and shall not exceed 450 pounds per inch of tire width. Travel speed limit is 35 MPH during seasonal restrictions.

All Season Roads List

Spring Weight Restricted Roads

Restriction information for other counties