Permits for Activities Within the County Road Right of Way
In Accordance with Act 200 of 1969, any activity or use of county road right of way other than for highway travel purposes does require a permit from the Road Commission. A permit is required to build a new drive and/or reconstruct or pave an existing driveway.

Permitted activities are: Driveway construction, utility installation, seismographic exploration and oversize/overweight transport.

Standard mailboxes are allowed without a permit in the road right of way.

Permit applications may be downloaded below or are available at the office.

Activities which are not normally permitted are: fences, retaining walls, sprinkler systems, landscaping rocks, boulders or berms, filling existing drainage ditches or dumping debris, planting trees, shrubs or bushes that have the potential of obscuring vision and signs, light posts or other encroachment considered hazardous by the Road Commission.

Your cooperation will help keep our roadways safe for vehicle traffic and reduce the future maintenance expense of our county road system.

Right-of-Way Use Permit Fees

Right-of-Way Use Permit

Building Moving Permit

Mobile Home Extended Permit

Mobile Home Single Move Permit

Oversize/Overweight Extended Permit

Oversize/Overweight Single Move Permit

Transportation Permit Guidelines

Public Utility Seasonal Permits:

CRA 110 rev 02-21-2007

CRA 110A rev 02-21-2007